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Our recovery program is simple and straightforward

Drug Recovery Program for Addicts

Here at the Recovery center of Tennessee (TN), we utilize the strategy of “HKC recovery coaching,” which is based on an integrated approach that can stop the process of personality degradation, curb the craving for drugs after they’ve caused strong chemical dependence, and bring to fruition positive changes in the lifestyle of drug addicts.

The main goal of the program is not only to completely put an end to dependence on alcohol and drugs, but also to fully restore and reconstruct the individual at the biological, social, psychological and spiritual level.

The restoration of the patient’s integrity and character, the return of lost skills, the redevelopment of social values, and the formation of a healthy attitude are the main objectives of the program. Undoubtedly the addiction recovery center in TN is the best way to combat drug addiction and alcoholism.

Program Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must be eager to live a better life.
  • Must be able to do physical exercise.
  • Must be open-minded to new ideas.
  • Must be willing to participate in recovery meetings and church.

Our program offers:

  • Comprehensive restoration and autonomy.
  • A Warranty Certificate.
  • Affordable prices.


We view chemical addiction as a complex issue that affects one’s physical health, psyche, spiritual values, and social life. Therefore, our program is aimed at a comprehensive restoration of personality – the end goal is to eliminate mental and physical dependence and restore the health and character of each patient affected by prolonged drug use. After the completion of the course, a post-recovery program is provided in hopes of preparing the patient for everyday life in a society with the absence of drugs. Another crucial part of the program is to work with relatives of the addict so as to greatly increase the chances of success through the recovery.

Social recovery of drug addicts

A person who is addicted to drugs tends to make choices that are disasterous and cause problems not only for themselves, but also for their close relatives and others around them. To our great regret, no one can be completely protected from drug addiction; possible preventions can include having a determined desire and will to resist this destructive and sometimes fatal habit, which not everyone has. However, it is worth remembering that those who have fallen into a cycle of drug use, commonly referred to as drug addicts, should not be forgotten or pushed out of society just because they are in the uphill battle against their dependence.

So, what should you do if an ailment like drug addiction has come to your home? Naturally, some kind of healing is necessary. Bouncing back from a drug addiction is a lengthy process, but it can be accelerated if the drug-dependent person makes a sincere and resolute decision to change their life. Be with them in this moment and give as much help as possible to fuel their desire to overcome their drug addiction. However, keep in mind that doing so solely at home is next to impossible, as you would need to be familiar with a lot of subtleties and nuances. A medical education would also be in order to be able to overcome the negative effects of narcotic substances and remove them from the body completely. There is an optimal way out of this situation; our recovery center in TN has helped thousands of people over our many years of service.

Only recovery centers specialized in helping beat drug addiction can provide truly effective assistance with positive results, enabling the drug addict to return to ordinary life with new powers and self-knowledge. These upbeat, kind, friendly, and understanding people will lead a normal, healed life and be able to tell others about the consequences of using drugs, as well as spread awareness about useful prevention methods.

The drug and alcohol addiction recovery centers have a common goal: to cleanse the human body and restore peace and tranquility to the soul.

Work is implemented in multiple aspects of personality

  • The physiological aspect — During the time of active use, the addict values his body less and less. He can begin to treat it carelessly, viewing it primarily as simply a vehicle of pleasure. Our recovery in Tennessee is designed to form a new relationship and perspective between the drug addict and their physical body as a whole. This contributes to the introduction of a healthy lifestyle throughout the recovery coaching period, and it better exhibits compliance with the accepted standards of healthful living in society.
  • The emotional aspect — After undergoing adaptation, when the chemical dependence at the physiological level becomes less prominent, an addict’s mental pain replaces their physical pain. The drug addict is then in constant emotional conflict with themselves and the world around them.
  • The social aspect. Our center aims to restore interpersonal relationships between drug addicts and society. During a stay in recovery, the addict periodically places themselves in various social roles, hereby strengthening their communication skills. Normal, healthy communication with family and friends is restored. The addict learns to overcome conflicts as well as set socially significant goals and achieve them. Our addiction recovery center in Knoxville, TN established a labor regime in the clinic to help the drug addict quickly gain a sense of belonging in society and feel their own importance on the team.
  • The spiritual aspect — Drug use greatly distorts the average worldview, violating many standard moral and ethical values. This explains the often resulting frivolity, aggression, and even selfishness. The addiction recovery center in Tennessee allows you to reconsider your attitude to yourself as a person. Often, the addict lacks faith in his own strength, in which cases some turn to religion and God. It is this restoration of spirituality that can help a person learn to value themselves again.
  • Creative and intellectual aspect — The ability to think, analyze, contemplate, and create is a key feature that distinguishes man from animal. Working towards recovery helps identify and reveal the creative abilities of everyone. The center regularly hosts artistic evenings in which residents can try on various creative roles in an atmosphere of goodwill and mutual trust.
  • Self-realization is a key factor for success. Therefore, to attain this success, various techniques are used to develop intelligence, practices, and training aimed at revealing the inner world of drug addicts to themselves.

All these aspects are aimed at achieving the main goal – the safe return of a healthy person to society. Every day the HKC, or the recovery center in Tennessee, helps addicts to defeat drug addiction and alcoholism, not only at the physiological level, but also at the emotional level.



  • Family meetings — Meeting all participants with their family members is an important part of the recovery program. This communication helps to overcome the psychological barriers of the parties involved.
  • Sober friend — Additional support is always needed, as is mutual support for each other. Friendship in this period of time creates an inseparable bond for life.
  • Sober Transport — All vehicles are operated by licensed, insured, reliable personnel for external meetings and all other outside events. The safety of our patients and staff is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Guitar lessons — Creativity not only helps to reveal your inner potential, but also can be a powerful psychological help!
  • Mobile intervention — A professional mobile intervention team works around the clock to help those in need of emergency assistance.
  • Public Education on Addiction and Life Recovery — We additionally provide events that promote team building, such as compiling and improving resumes, assistance in celebrating a cure, meeting for a bonfire, creating reliable individual networks, and establishing connections on on social networks.

What is included in our program?

  • Daily food.
  • Provision of transport.
  • 24 Life Coaching.
  • Team events.
  • Church meetings.
  • Excursions.
  • Nature walks and spiritual activities.
  • Yoga.
  • Certificate of completion.

About HKC

Recovery includes many factors; it requires taking into account both physical and mental aspects. Our Knoxville recovery center team has designed this program to help anyone in a difficult situation such as this. Strengthening one’s own initiative plays an important role in healing — it prepares each person to avoid future use of the addictive substance and paves the way to a disciplined and improved life.

Recovery places particular importance to work-related measures. The individual must ensure continuous reintegration into working life. It also includes developing steps to move back into social environments.

Our purpose is to form a suitable environment so you can realize the obstacles that prevent you from fully identifying your own capabilities. If you want to contact us to know information about recovery in Knoxville, we are waiting for you!

If you are ready to make your pain the source of your power, just give us a call!

Addiction has become major problem of modern humanity. It should be known that HKC is not just a drug addiction recovery center. Primarily, HKC recovery coaching is a place for those who are ready to change and can no longer remain in despair. Our goal is to create a supportive environment so that you can better understand yourself and destroy your addictions, fears, and fixations. Remember, you are not alone in your struggle. If you are ready to make your pain the source of your power, just give us a call!