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Our recovery program is simple and straightforward

A huge number of young people die every year from the use of drugs and alcohol. Harmful substances cause tremendous damage to human health- The immune system is destroyed, mental degradation sets in, and the organism is depleted. All this creates ground for the emergence of serious diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, HIV, and more. The use of toxic substances also effects mental health, provoking the appearance of apathy, depression, and reducing resistance to stress. Often this leads to the a person committing suicide. It is almost impossible to cope with this serious illness on your own. At the HKC recovery center Knoxville, you can receive the help you need and return to normalcy.

The Consequences of alcohol abuse

The consequences of alcoholism can conditionally be divided into two classes. The first is the negative consequences of alcohol itself, associated with the deterioration of health and destruction of personality. The second is negative consequences for society, namely, an increase in the number of social problems associated with alcohol abuse. People suffering from alcoholism usually experience the following problems:

  • Aggressiveness and loss of self-control while intoxicated;
  • Poisoning with alcohol-containing products;
  • Risk of cirrhosis;
  • Development of psychosis;
  • Disability;
  • Conflict in the family;
  • Material difficulties.

An alcoholic can be recognized by external signs. Alcoholics look older than their age, their hair is dull, and their skin becomes flabby and swollen. At the addiction recovery center Knoxville, we help addicted people get solve these problems, and start a new “clean” life.

The consequences of drug use

Drug use destroys not only the human body, but also its soul. The consequences of drug addiction are terrible both for a person’s physical condition and for their psyche. Among all the medical consequences of drug addiction, there are also personality changes for people who regularly use psychoactive substances, such as:

  • Weakening of the psyche
  • Associative behavior
  • Decrease in life potential
  • Loss of life goals

In the first stages of using narcotic substances, disturbances predominate in people, that is, an increase in sensitivity occurs, a tendency to emotional fragility and inadequate reactions to what is happening around them is now observed. Over time, the subjective characteristics of the personality are smoothed out, and patients with their behavior become similar to each other.

The social consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction

The abuse of drugs and alcohol ultimately leads to the destruction of a persons life. A person finds themself in an illusory world, where there are no worries and anxieties for them. However, in the real world, as a result of these people, a real nightmare awaits – psychological instability, depression, headaches, decaying teeth, loss of hair, chronic cough, impotence, and more. The human body begins to rot from poisons called drugs and alcohol. Our drug addiction recovery center Knoxville helps addicted people get rid of the bad habits that destroy their lives forever.

Most drug addicts deny that they are addicted, and lose touch with the outside world. However, the social consequences of drug addiction and alcoholism cannot be denied. This is primarily due to the number of crimes committed in an inadequate state. Besides, the social consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction are related to the most important for each person – the next generation.

How to recover from alcohol and drug addiction

To get rid of addictions, it is extremely important to be in conditions isolated from temptation. In our addiction recovery center Knoxville, the following steps are used for guests:

Condition diagnosis — the guest takes tests, specialists assess the general state of health and determines a further plan of action.
Intensive therapy – a program is selected that is aimed at restoring mental health.
Stabilization of remission– the recovery program is supplemented by group therapy.
Support and consultation – after the end of the recovery course, the guest and his/her family are provided with recommendations to avoid relapse.

We understand that the problem of drug dependence is reflected not only in the life and health of the dependent person, but also in their close circle. It is important to understand that the right behavior with an addict is extremely important to the addict to reconsider different outlooks on life. The intervention of close relatives will help overcome false fears and stress. The HKC recovery Knoxville program aims to prevent relapse in the future.

Benefits of our recovery center

Every addicted person can start life from scratch and conquer their addictions. With the right support and professional help, addicted people can recover, regardless of their length of use of toxic substances. The doors of the HKC recovery center Knoxville are always open for people who want to change, but cannot do it without outside interference. At the same time, we guarantee:

  • Anonymity – if necessary, your stay in our center will remain secret
  • Guaranteed results- our program helps to get rid of addiction once and for all;
  • Friendly atmosphere– in our center, a confidential atmosphere and friendly staff
  • Help of qualified specialists– employees of the center provide assistance and support around the clock.

Besides, we are looking for an individual approach to each visitor of our center and offer:

  • Moral support from specialists who are ready to listen to all problems, and will help find a way to solve them without chemicals.
  • Group classes for additional motivation at all stages of recovery.
  • Practical advice and assistance on socialization and a return to a normal lifestyle.

If you or your loved one have become hostages of addiction, do not delay the appeal for help. It is almost impossible to cope with addiction yourself. In the conditions of our HKC recovery coaching center, a course therapy of people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs is conducted. We guarantee success, and exclude the possibility of a return to the use of alcohol or drugs after completing the full course of our program.

If you are ready to make your pain the source of your power, just give us a call!

Addiction has become major problem of modern humanity. It should be known that HKC is not just a drug addiction recovery center. Primarily, HKC recovery coaching is a place for those who are ready to change and can no longer remain in despair. Our goal is to create a supportive environment so that you can better understand yourself and destroy your addictions, fears, and fixations. Remember, you are not alone in your struggle. If you are ready to make your pain the source of your power, just give us a call!