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Methamphetamine is one of the most popular narcotic psycho-stimulants in the world. As a result of the use of this substance, meth addiction occurs, and can destroy a person’s life. It should be understood that crystal meth drug abuse causes dependence after the very first use. Known since the end of the 19th century, when it was first synthesized in Japan from ephedrine, it is a psychoactive poisonous alkaloid contained in the Ephedra shrub, which grows freely in the mountainous regions of Central Asia and Western Siberia. This plant was known in Chinese medicine before our era, and was used as an anti-asthma drug and psycho-stimulant.

Meth addiction recovery in our center


Even though the mechanism and action of meth has not been fully understood, experts find ways to rid a person of an addiction to this substance. The main problem is that the addict is not aware of how can you get addicted to meth after one use – this seems like a safe game. Most addicted people think they can quit taking drugs at any time. Of course, this is just an illusion, and the task of loved ones is to convince the addict that they need to take a course of recovery.

The course consists of several stages:

  • drug detoxification that leads to the cleansing of organs and tissues– the body is completely cleansed of drug residues and its decay products;
  • drug therapy is designed to restore and maintain the work of organs that have been damaged by long term drug use;
  • group therapy includes elements of social recovery when the addict returns to the family and society.


Our center uses modern methods of getting rid of addiction, regardless of how often meth addicts use and the severity of a person’s condition. Their high effectiveness is confirmed by many cases of a cure for crystal meth dependence, and the consequences of consumption. At the end of the addict’s course, they need to learn how to live without the poison. The specialists at our center are doing everything possible, so that the addicted person returns to normal life.


Health hazards and meth addiction

Many people do not understand how addictive and strong meth is, and try it for fun at a party. However, they forget that meth is one of the most toxic drugs. In a relatively short period, it is incredibly addictive and almost destroys the body. Moreover, dead nerve cells cannot be restored, which causes problems in the transmission of impulses. Paradoxical things happen. While trying to stimulate the brain, the addict worsens mental processes over time and kills themself.

When taking a powerful psycho-stimulant, some effects include:

  • Typically, crystal meth destroys the kidneys and digestive system;
  • there are problems with vision and hearing;
  • appetite disappears
  • addicted people develop drug scabs and general deterioration of the body;
  • there is a sharp decrease in immune properties.


With prolonged use, signs of meth abuse are observed in more dangerous manifestations such as:

  • disruptions in the liver;
  • insomnia and migraines appear;
  • tremor of the extremities is observed;
  • teeth are destroyed;
  • there are problems with speech (incoherence of words, excited state);
  • there is aggressiveness in behavior;
  • hallucinations appear


Symptoms when taking crystal meth like hair loss and general weakness appear as a result use of the substance. One of the most common causes of death for addicts to methamphetamine is heart attacks and strokes. They occur against the background of changes in heart rate and fluctuations in blood pressure figures. All this can go on for a very long time, and some negative consequences persist for many years. Therefore, it is important to understand how you can help someone, and turn to professionals in the time of need.

Methamphetamine harms both the human reproductive and urinary systems. Increased sexual activity leads to uncontrolled sexual intercourse, and increases the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection. The faster you understand what is meth drug addiction, the faster you will be able to seek help. The use of this substance effects the entire body, and makes strong changes to the works of the internal organs of a person.

External changes of drug addicts

The catastrophic consequences of drug use, which occur in the patient’s appearance in literally 2-4 months, are striking compared to others. The use of this substance is the reason why drug addicts have sores on their faces and a painful appearance. Often during hallucinations, a dependent person tries to pull imaginary bugs out from under the skin with the help of dangerous objects– needles, a knife, or scissors. Teeth quickly fall out, regardless of how the drug was used.

Mental changes

Long-term use of crystal meth also leads to mental disorders: hallucinations, paranoia, and methamphetamine psychosis. As a result, the addicted person suffers from insomnia, and is aggressive towards others. Moreover, the desire to receive a new dose appears after the first use.

If you are looking for a way to come down from crystal meth addiction fast, we recommend that you urgently seek help from professionals. Our HKC recovery coaching center employs experienced professionals to help you deal with this problem. After completing the recovery course, you will not want to return to your old habits, and can start a new life. Do not delay the appeal to the center– your inaction causes you to prolong the torment of your loved ones.

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Addiction has become major problem of modern humanity. It should be known that HKC is not just a drug addiction recovery center. Primarily, HKC recovery coaching is a place for those who are ready to change and can no longer remain in despair. Our goal is to create a supportive environment so that you can better understand yourself and destroy your addictions, fears, and fixations. Remember, you are not alone in your struggle. If you are ready to make your pain the source of your power, just give us a call!