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Heroin is a semi-synthetic type of drug that causes severe addiction and poor health. Most often, this drug is administered intravenously using syringes, but there are also additional options for its use. The active substance that is responsible for providing the main effects of heroin is diacetylmorphine. Some people do not understand that heroin is addictive the first time, but it should be known that addiction most often begins after the first injection.

How to get heroin addiction help

Heroin addiction is difficult to treat, but now there are several effective methods that help to recover heroin addiction symptoms, and eliminate the terrible problem indefinitely. When developing a competent therapeutic concept, it is necessary to take into account several nuances, in particular, the patient’s desire to be cured, their access to drugs, the duration of drug abuse, etc.
Even in the absence of obvious signs of withdrawal, the attraction to the drug, accompanied by some physical discomfort, can persist for about six months. Therefore, the patient must undergo a full recovery course before returning to normal life. The employees of our center make every effort so that a person will never become tempted to indulge in drugs ever again. We provide help for heroin addicts with no insurance and try to find an individual approach for each guest.

How heroin acts on the human body

Taking a new dose of the drug leads to rapid drug intoxication, during which individuals lose control over themselves. To understand how to recognize a heroin addict, it is necessary to distinguish between external signs of a person. The time onset of euphoria depends on the way the substance is used:

  • When taken orally, a wave of positive emotions occurs within a few minutes.
  • With intravenous administration of a psychoactive substance, the action begins after 10 seconds.
  • Nasal administration ensures the penetration of heroin into the blood through the nasal mucosa and lungs in 7-10 minutes.
  • If the substance enters through smoking, then its action begins in a few seconds.


Regular use of this dangerous drug often leads to the death of the hormone of joy and pleasure. Over time, the drug is built into the metabolism as a necessary component and the body cannot be without it. This is one of the reasons why is heroin so addictive and people quickly get used to its presence within their body. Psychological dependence is based on the desire to repeat euphoria, and also the fear of being without a new dose of the drug. Only specialists can help return a healthy life after heroin addiction and acquire hope for the future.

How to recognize that a person is using a drug

Not everyone knows that addicted people often have heroin addict face sores, which have indicates experienced users. At the same time, a single dose for beginners can cause nausea, which quickly passes. In place of a short-term discomfort comes immediately an abundance of pleasant feelings. Addicts even compare the effect of heroin to an orgasm during sex. Euphoria is often replaced by apathy or excessive sociability. This condition lasts up to 10 hours, and then the reverse process begins. The withdrawal syndrome causes opposite sensations — depression and irritability. The consequences of taking heroin include:

  • The weakening of sensitivity to pain
  • Malfunction of the respiratory system
  • The decrease in the reaction of the pupils to light – they narrow
  • Slowing down the digestive process, disruption of the digestive tract
  • Slight drop in body temperature


As a rule, in the initial stages, a minimal amount of a narcotic drug is often enough to reach a high. But over time, the functioning heroin addict will consume more and more becoming immune to the drug. Often when trying to catch new sensations, individuals forget about caution and die from an overdose of heroin. If you know what heroin addicts look like, then you can help prevent tragedy in time by contacting the recovery center for addiction. Our experts will help to cope with addiction at all stages and return your loved one to normal life.

How to convince a drug addict to start a recovery course

The first victims of the behavior of drug addicts are the people closest to them. Many relatives do not know what to do and where to turn when a drug addict appears in the family. Such a person lives only by their desires — the dose is just like a toy for a small child. In our center, heroin addiction help for family members is carried out and they will receive subsequent consultation at all stages of recovery. To convince the addict to obtain help, you must consider:

  • When talking with a drug addict, remember that strong drugs can act on a person during the moment. It does not make much sense to talk with a drug addict if he is in a state of anger, aggression or despair.
  • Calmly record the behavior of the addict on video, and then show it to them at an appropriate time.
  • It is worth recalling that such dependence leads to terrible consequences. Explain to the person how long it takes to get addicted to heroin, and that as a result they will die.
  • Be sure to tell the person that they are not alone, that specialists will help them during the course, and their family will always provide support.


Remember that addicts are willing to do anything to obtain a new dose of the drug. It is extremely important to convey to the person the importance of the need to get rid of addiction and contact the recovery center. You can always call us and find out how to deal with a heroin addicted family member to return him to normal life.

How withdrawal in heroin addiction occurs

As a result of physical dependence, a person has a desire to consume more and more of the substance. If you already understand how to spot a heroin addict, then you know that such people become aggressive during the absence of a new dose. Withdrawal syndrome of heroin addicts takes place in 4 stages; each subsequent stage brings more torment than the previous one:

  1. The stage of initial withdrawal occurs a maximum of 12 hours after drug use. The person’s eyes begin to water, the pupils dilate, they want to sleep, feel stressed, and is also nervous.
  2. The second stage is accompanied by chills and sweating. At this moment, a person loses control of their condition.
  3. In the third stage, approximately two days after withdrawal, all symptoms intensify and convulsions are added. Nervousness turns into open aggression.
  4. The fourth stage is torment and pain that comes in three days. The addict experiences cramping in the abdomen, they also have diarrhea and vomiting. At this moment, a person is ready to accept any psychostimulant, only to stop the torment.


Heroin addiction is not a sentence, no matter how long heroin addiction does last – our center is equipped to handle this problem. If you or your loved ones have become hostages of drug addiction, we will help you! The HKC recovery-coaching center uses modern methods to combat addiction and develops an individual approach for each guest.

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Addiction has become major problem of modern humanity. It should be known that HKC is not just a drug addiction recovery center. Primarily, HKC recovery coaching is a place for those who are ready to change and can no longer remain in despair. Our goal is to create a supportive environment so that you can better understand yourself and destroy your addictions, fears, and fixations. Remember, you are not alone in your struggle. If you are ready to make your pain the source of your power, just give us a call!